Please note Our Organic Club is currently suspended due to COVID-19. We hope to resume the Club in Spring 2023.


Are you interested in buying ‘CERTIFIED’ organically grown produce? Byward Fruit Market (BFM) has successfully formed a thriving ‘Organics’ Club’! – Join The Club!

About Our Organics Club
This unique and progressive approach to the buying and distribution of organic produce is dedicated to supplying members with the freshest, highest quality and least expensive ‘certified’ organic produce on a weekly basis. Due to the ‘Club’ concept, BFM does not stock these organic products on its shelves. As a consequence BFM requires a low markup! We make produce available to members the same day it arrives from the supplier. This way, members will obtain the freshest produce at the lowest prices possible. Byward Fruit Market supplies members with a weekly ‘basic basket’ which contains a selection of nutritionally coordinated and complimentary produce. We vary the selection every week and give you seasonal variety.

As we are working with the largest supplier of ‘certified’ organic produce in Canada (ProOrganics), we can assure you of the best selection of fresh, ‘certified’ organic produce available anywhere. The Club concept is meant to supply members with basic organic produce only, not all of your food requirements. However, as the Club grows in size and buying power, we will offer members additional selections of more exotic fruit and vegetables.
As an added bonus we have already made arrangements with Saslove’s Meats to make ‘certified’ organic meat products and ‘Bridgehead’ to make‘certified’ organic coffees and teas available to Club members. You will be able to receive an organic meat order as well as coffee and or teas, with your weekly basket!

Members are able to choose a ‘basic basket’ either of fruit, vegetables or any combination of both. Thank you for your interest and patronage.
Byward Fruit Market
Isaac & Miriam Farbiasz, Proprietors

  • Members are able to choose a ‘basic basket’ either of fruit, vegetables or any combination of both.
  • Members may select a $20 ‘basic basket’, or a larger $30 or $40 basket, delivered weekly. Special arrangement can be made for additional produce, if required. (For example, if you ‘juice’ and require large quantities of carrots lets say, then we can purchase a 50lb bag of carrots for you and then send you any quantity you require weekly, storing the balance in our in our coolers.
  • Members must commit to a minimum of 4 baskets to qualify for the club.
  • Members are required to pay for the 4 baskets in advance.
  • After the initial 4 week period, members have the option to renew for each additional month under the same conditions.
  • Members have the right to cancel their membership with 2 weeks notice. Any balance of funds will be refunded to the departing members at that time.
  • Members may submit a preference list of acceptable and in particular unacceptable produce in advance of their first delivery. BFM diligently honours the unacceptable list of each member and endevours to order customer preferences where specified.
  • Baskets are made available either to be picked up or delivered (for an additional fee) starting on Thursday after 2 PM. each week.
  • Pickup can be suspended for any given period of time by making
    arrangements with BFM, preferably one week in advance but no later than Monday evening of the cancelation week.
  • Byward Fruit agrees to
    choose the weekly selection of only certified organic fruit and
    vegetables from a credible and verifiable source of organic produce.
    Certification designations will be furnished upon request.
  • BFM will endevour to supply members with the freshest and highest quality produce available. BFM reserves the right not to ship any produce that does not meet its standards. Any such shortfall will be made up in the subsequent week.
  • In the event that the weekly selection contains produce that is ‘unacceptable’ to certain members, BFM will make up the shortfall by increasing quantities of other acceptable produce or increase produce in the next weekly delivery.
  • If produce is otherwise unacceptable, in particular for reasons of quality, members must inform BFM within 24 hours of receipt of basket to obtain a credit. Such shortfalls will be made up in subsequent deliveries.
  • Delivery service is available in the Ottawa-Hull area only, for an additional fee of $5-7 per week depending on location. Delivery is currently provided on Thursday between 1- 4 P.M., Thursday evenings between 6-9 P.M. and Friday mornings only.