We believe in something greater than just selling high quality fresh food. We believe in Nature itself. It’s a remarkable thing. Nature brings families together, supports communities, and gives us all a means of existence. It offers nutrients to our bodies, and joy to our taste buds. At Byward Fruit Market, we don’t just respect Nature, we’re driven by it. Our prices, our produce, our specials– all are determined by nature. It enriches everyone and everything.

We believe that all our actions can make a tangible, positive difference. We also believe that moving in rhythm with Nature isn’t just better for the environment, it’s better for our customers too.

We believe in the joy of fresh food. It’s to this end that we strive to continually bring the best foods that Nature has to offer to you our customers, each day. We stand for more than just the good quality food we sell. We stand for the greater goodness.